Sunday, March 18, 2012


Art Nouveau Inspired
Art Nouveau provides the sinuous shapes that are worked as prints of intertwining ribbons, chains and leaves on pastel colored silk. Open latticework meandering over a bare shoulder shows the same influences of classic modern art. It is an organic, floral theme, sometimes with an almost surreal tinge that groups little duck templates in an egg space on a dress front. Gold is an important color when it is added in accessories or in a more graphic pattern reminding of Art Deco styles. The hem of a skirt gains prominence with subtle color triangles, put together as a row of squares. Modern movements with rich ornamental detailing step into the collections for Fall 11-12, shaping things to come this upcoming season.
Bauhaus Geometry
Geometric shapes betraying a unique Bauhaus heritage crop up in a revival of avant-gardist 1920s patterns. Rhomboid structures in black, red, and white infuse a 3-D effect in a long, high-collared coat. Abstract painting, split triangles in black and white, or multi colored patchwork arrangements make a powerful statement on tops or long, fluid dresses. Architecture is a big influence, too, as in linear black and white applications resembling modernist tower blocks, or, as a literal reference, Josef Maria Olbrich's organic wedding tower appearing in print on a sinuous gown. Free interpretations of the Bauhaus style, incorporating geometric play into a silk-covered breastplate, or updating it in a loose top placing sets of yellow arrows in conspicuous display, adds some spice to the long tradition. 

Vintage Garden Florals
Sweet and romantic, like a childhood dream with a penchant for 70s colors, is the tone for floral prints. They sprout on lightly colored backgrounds, grey and beige preferably, and don't mind being accompanied by a swishy fur piece, a yellow stole or a 3/4-sleeved coat in spicy orange. A dense orchid jungle adds a slightly darker note with Black Panther eyes lurking from beneath. Dandelion seeds, ready to be picked and blown away appear in a naturalistic print on a black dress. In a zippered jacket, the delicate flower print is echoed on the shearling lining. Allover a complete 3-piece look, as single pieces in conversation with furry add-ons, or hidden in details, sugary florals bring out a new romantic mood. 

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