Tuesday, July 26, 2011

London Textile Fair 2011

 London Textile Fair 2011

The London Textile Fair 2011
This January was the fifth textile fair and took place at the Lexington garage, brewers street, London W1.
The aim of the event is to show pre-collections and updates for current seasons.
The Mills come from all around Europe including mills from Biella and Prato italy.
There were over a 100 buyers that attented the First day and included big names like Ted Baker and Jaeger. 
This year everybody managed to get work experience at the fair.
It was a great day and was fantastic for learning about the industry. Mills from Italy and Barcelona are also there.
The fair was a proffessional but exciting enviroment. The Theme was the seaside due to spring summer 2012 collections.

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  1. wow sir it was a great experience to interact with buyers.

  2. yes vinay........... wen u really start wrking u will come to know all the pros n cons of fashion industry...